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About Yourspace

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Here's a little bit about myself, my business and my passion.

I create beautiful, modern websites using the Squarespace platform.

I started Yourspace because I thoroughly enjoy designing and creating awesome websites. At first I was happy taking on any project as it meant that I was making an income from my business. This was great for a while but then I realised I didn't care so much about the income, more so I cared about working with people who shared similar stylistic designs and creative ideas. From here on I based my business on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses like myself to establish their design and marketing image and get them up on the web! 

First and foremost I'm in the business of designing websites. However, I'm a big believer in having an individual and concrete style that you portray through all that you do in your business.  So in addition to website design, I also offer a strategy and planning service. This way I can sit down with you whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee and chat about your ideas for not only your website but also your social media, business cards, branding material etc and come up with a unique branding/design package that is consistent across all aspects of your business.

One thing that is important to me in my business is to offer self-manageable websites to my clients. I was born into technology and it is naturally my second (or maybe first?) language. I am confident that many new businesses and entrepreneurs are quite familiar with technology too and hence are totally capable of managing their own online services. All of my websites come set up for you to manage and training is a large component of my packages.

I want to be able to create a fab site that reflects your style, teach you how to use it and hand it over to you. This means you end up being in control of your website (rather than having to call up your web design company every time you want to make a change on your website), save money because you don't have to pay ongoing maintenance fees and can get on with running your business.

In saying this, if technology completely freaks you out, don't stress! I also offer maintenance & management packages  if you feel you need it, and will never leave you with your website unless you are completely confident in using it.

Another thing about my business- I'm not a team of 1. I'm super lucky to have my photographer on board with me. Johanna from Johanna Resta Photography is the reason I can make your websites in the way that I do. I believe that brilliant photos and simple, modern design are the winning ingredients to a fab website. Johanna is ever so talented and will be sure to convey your business beautifully through her photos. All of my packages come with a photography component. (All of the photos on my site are taken by Jo)

Services we provide include:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media
  • Creative Design & Branding (including logo design, promotional material etc)
  • Photography
  • Strategy & Planning
  • SEO Help
  • Training

If you are thinking of starting a modern & interesting business, or have already, I'd love to work with you to help your unique image come alive. Just send me an email and we can work out a time to have a coffee & a chat.

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Bunbury & The South West

Great ideas need a great website!

Great ideas need a great website!

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.
— Lori Greiner

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